Real Estate Forms for Home Seller

Real Estate Forms for Home Seller

Real Estate Forms For the Home Seller

The checklist of real estate paperwork that the home seller need to sign

FORM810 working with a realtor

An acknowledgment that the seller has been explained the relationship between agency and the seller, client vs customer, multiple representation

FORM200 Listing Agreement

  • Between seller and the listing brokerage
  • Mandatory to sign
  • Covers commission obligation, holdover period, indemnification, etc

MLS Data Information Form 290 or Form 291 for Condo

Required to list your home in MLS

FORM100 Agreement of Purchase and Sale

  • Prepared by the buyer
  • Read through the various clauses and conditions in advance
  • ensure that you understand well before signing
  • Main subjects include conditions, deposit, title search, chattel and fixture, etc.

FORM320 Confirmation of Cooperation and representation

  • Between the seller’s brokerage and buyer’s brokerage
  • What and how the commission is paid

FORM801 Offer Summary Document

used as an ease on the paperwork that agents need to file


  • FORM120 amendment to agreement of purchase and sale when any change occurs after the agreement is signed by both parties.
  • Seller’s Direction Re: Property/Offers FORM244 (your preferences on offer notification)
  • Lockbox Authorization Form
  • Open House Authorization Form


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