How to Get out of a Contract with a Realtor as a Buyer?

Recently, I met a lady that was interested in buying a house. I introduced her to my ‘pay-as-you-go’ service and she was really interested. She’d bought homes before and was well aware that commissions these days are quite a considerable portion of the property price. She read my blog post and called me right away. She excitedly told me that this was how she’d wished to buy properties in the past because she is experienced enough to know what she needs the realtor to do.

In terms of the buyer agent representation agreement, she has a few concerns. I explained to her that the agreement between her and me was connected to the specific property and had an expiration date. If the offer for the property is not accepted, she becomes free to choose another agent or continue working with me to find another property and send a new offer to another property. 

After she paid for the specific service of sending the offer, there were a number of other agreements that needed to be signed. She was confused and showed some hesitation because she was worried about the holdover period of 60 days. When she worked with other agents, she noticed that the agreements protected the interests of the agent. I explained to her that the holdover period as it fits within the services that I provide are connected again to the specific property that we sent the offer to. Obviously, she felt relieved because she has all the freedom and flexibility she needs to work with who she wants to and the focus of our work together becomes results-driven. 


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