Is the cashback guaranteed?

Yes. There will be a written contract to document this commission rebate. You can rest assured that RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) has protocols and rules to regulate the real estate salesperson’s behavior and conduct, as a licensed sales representative, it is a must to comply with those rules.

All the salesperson and the brokerage are insured per regulation, which could be a source to protect the buyer’s interest.

As for any reward commitment to the buyer, it is also required to have a written document to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.

Is your service discounted?

No, all the service complies with the industry standard, codes, and rules. Depending on the home buyer’s experience and knowledge of real estate, different packages are designed for the appropriate buyer. For example, you have a clear target, you are experienced in realty transactions, your home purchase is very productive and efficient, you are a contributor to this efficiency, and thus you are entitled to take the share of this enlarged profit pie. 

It is the belief that transparency and efficiency are vital. The website platform provides in-depth information on home buying, there are also a lot of other sources available for you to gain your knowledge. The more you are engaged, the more effective our communication, the more productive the process, the more saving you could achieve.

When can you get the commission rebate?

The cashback is applicable within 20 business days after the successful closing of the transaction and all funds have been distributed and commissions are received from the listing brokerage and/or closing lawyer.

How can you offer such a high commission rebate?

The way realsav runs is more efficient and effective, i.e, prequalifying before showing, free consultation, and education, and timely heads up to avoid the unexpected surprise.

Nowadays, the profit pie is significantly enlarged because of the cost-saving from technology advancement and productivity increase.

In addition, the windfall from the skyrocketing house price contributes substantially since the commission base has doubled over years.

It is a belief based on transparency and sharing. It is believed to be a win-win to share this windfall and to reward each individual’s contribution to this efficiency increase. 

Therefore, 3 cashback packages are designed to cater to different buyers’ demands. As a rule of thumb, the more knowledge you have on the home buying transaction, the more effective our communications, the more productive the process, the more saving you could achieve.

Does cash back affect the land transfer tax?

No, The land transfer tax is based on the home purchase price. Any cashback related tax issues should be consulted with accredited professionals such as accountants.