How to Buy a Pre Construction Condo: Why Hire a Platinum Cashback Realtor?

How to buy pre construction condos in Toronto

The Uniqueness of Pre-construction Condos

  • Buying a pre-construction condo in Toronto is distinctively different from buying a resale condo. 

  • Pre-construction deposit structure and payment schedule: 

  • New condo purchases don't require a large upfront down payment.

  • Buyers usually can start with a smaller deposit.

  • Buyers can arrange variable payment schedules over a couple of years.

  • The seller of new condos is a corporation instead of an individual seller in the resale market.

  • Pre-construction condo closing costs are higher than that of the regular resales market.

  • The occupancy date may differ from the closing date.

Key Documents

Builder’s agreement

  • Instead of using the Agreement of Sales and Purchase in the resale market, builders may use their own format. 
  • Buyers should hire a real estate lawyer to review the documents for their own interests. For example, are there any clauses allowing builders to make changes to the unit or any spaces at the builder’s discretion?

Disclosure statement

Similar to the Status of Certificate, the disclosure statement is an important document prepared by the builder. It includes: 

  • The rules and financial status of the corporation

  • The condominium’s features and amenities

  • The corporation’s declaration, bylaws, and budget for the first year after registration

  • It demonstrates that the builder has met all statutory requirements

Main Terms and Clauses

Ten-day cooling-off period

Once the buyer receives a copy of the completely signed contract or the disclosure statement, whichever comes later, the buyer has a 10-day “cooling-off” period to reconsider the purchase.

  • It means you are allowed to change your mind in that period of time, even though you have signed the contract. 
  • If you decide to cancel the contract and provide the written cancellation notice within that 10-day period of time, your deposit will be refunded. 

Interim Occupancy

Buyers often take occupancy before the home title transfer. They pay the occupancy fee until the corporation is registered and the title is transferred to the owner. The interim occupancy fee calculation is based on the interest of the unpaid balance, the estimated municipal tax, and projected common expenses.


  • An Assignment Agreement means the transfer of one person’s benefits or rights over a property to another. 
  • In pre-construction builder contracts, the builder usually has restrictions on condo pre-selling.
  • An assignment may cause HST rebate-related issues and tax implications.
  • Pre construction condo investment takes a large share of the assignment sales.

Potential Risks

You may encounter discrepancies between plans and actual construction, deficiencies in the common elements, delays in the schedule, or even the cancellation of the whole project.

Consumer Protection by Law

The Ontario Building Code

The Ontario building code governs the detailed technical and administrative requirements and sets minimum standards for building construction in Ontario.

The Ontario new home warranties plan act

This act defines warranty coverage for new homes including the units, the common elements of a condominium corporation, and condominium conversion projects. The coverage includes:

  1. Protection for deposits 

  2. Compensation for delays in closing or occupancy 

  3. Protection against unauthorized substitutions 

  4. One and two-year warranties for certain defects in work and materials 

  5. Seven-year warranty for major structural defects 

  6. Coverage for condominium common elements

  7. The ownership change doesn’t impact this coverage, which means the coverage stays with the building itself as long it meets the requirement.

Deposit protection and delayed closing compensation

There are also other rules covering the deposit and compensation for consumers’ interests in the case of project delays and regulating how many times a builder can delay the closing in Ontario. 

How to buy a pre construction condo 

  • You can contact directly with the builder's office for a unit
  • You can also hire a realtor free of charge.

Why do you need a realtor?

  • The new condo market is different from the resale market. Pre-construction condos have a fixed price. The builder has in-house salespersons to market and promote their products.
  • You may not be aware that when you buy a new condo, the realtor fee is paid by the builder. You can get a decent cashback from your realtor.  
  • To qualify for this rebate, buyers have to go with a realtor on their very first visit to the builder. The real estate agent needs to register you as a buyer with the builder. 
  • In addition, you need a realtor to deal with the following issues during the transaction.

Transaction related issues


  • How comfortable do you feel when negotiating with experienced professionals?
  • How familiar are you with the market? 
  • Are you aware that the closing cost is much higher than the resale closing?
  • Do you know that the development charge can be capped and upgrades may be negotiable?
  • How much can you gain from the negotiation?

For premium units

Those units with a better view, a nicer floor plan, and a higher floor are commonly allocated and sold well before the public opening. Hiring a realtor may help you source those premium units.

For the commission

The realtor you hire gets paid by the builder. If you don’t hire a realtor, that commission may go to the sales team of the builder.

Hire a platinum real estate agent

What is a platinum agent?

In a nutshell, a platinum agent is the first group of agents/brokerages chosen by the developers to sell their units. For every project, the number of platinum agents is normally limited to from 10 to 20.

The benefits of working with a platinum agent

  • Secure Premium Units at the Best Price
  • Lock Incentives & Promotions
  • Get Favorable Deposit Schedule
  • Cap on Development Charges & Levies
  • Free Assignment Clause for most projects

In addition, you will be the first group to access the floor plan, promotion materials, project schedule, etc., which allow you more time to make the purchase decision.

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1. You have to be registered by the realtor with the builder at the very beginning. If you provide your name to the builder without mentioning your agent, then the builder is not obligated to pay a commission to your agent, and eventually, you leave a large sum of money on the table.

2. To protect your best interest, hire a good real estate lawyer to read through the thick volume contracts.