New Home Developments Richmond Hill | Pre Construction Condos and Houses

A list of new home developments, pre construction, and new builds in Richmond Hill, GTA, which include condos, townhomes, semi-detached, and detached houses.

Park Place

New Builds in Vaughan

Park Place condo is a new build at SmartVMC in Vaughan, developed by SmartCentres real estate investment trust with the SmartLiving concept. Park Place is close to Highway 7 and Commerce Street and neighboring SmartVMC’s central park.

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Why invest in Richmond Hill 

Richmond Hill is within the York Region, partnering with other regions to form the so-called Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Richmond Hill is located between Markham and Vaughan, and south of Aurora. Comparatively, the communities in Richmond Hill rank higher in family wealth according to recent statistics.


The elementary and secondary schools in Richmond Hill are higher in quality with many schools ranking at the tops level by the provincial standards. The high performance of the public education system contributes to the higher property value.


The economy of Richmond Hill has been growing fast, with small businesses accounting for a lion's share. There are also some large domestic companies that set up their corporate headquarter in the city.

Ethnics Diversity

Native English speakers account for roughly ⅓ of the total residents, with Chinese speakers at close to ¼, followed by 5% from Russian, 3% from Italian, and 2% from Korean.


The city has easy access to Highway 404, Highway 401, and Highway 7, extending its connections to other areas in GTA.

Besides the well-developed bus system, the city has GO transit and VIVA to extend to other regions.

New Development

Unlike VMC in Vaughan, the pre construction condos are built mainly along Yonge Street, and there are other new home developments such as new townhomes, semi-detached and detached homes scattering across the city. 

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