Toronto Home Renovation: Is it Essential

complete advice on Toronto home renovation before selling

Is home renovation considered essential in Ontario?

Home renovation in Toronto, or remodeling may help you sell a home faster. However, contradictory to a lot of first-time home sellers, it may, not be a good investment in terms of ROI except for a few items. Painting, in a neutral color, is one of the investments that have over 100% return.  

How much does a home renovation cost?

House renovations cost varies differently on your demand, the contract services you've signed, the contractors you've chosen. It may go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Things must be done

  • To appeal to the potential buyers, cleaning, decluttering, depersonalizing, and keeping unsmelly are necessary. 
  • To fix anything broken with a minor cost is also quite a necessity. 
  • If there is something noticeably shabby compared to the rest items, it is better to get replaced. For example, replacing a worn-out and uncleanable carpet might be a wise choice. 
  • Any potential safety risks like plumbing, electricity, etc need to be addressed and tackled by professionals. 
  • Dampness malfunctioned roofs and windows, cracks are better to be fixed before listing or to be disclosed to avoid any potential obligations and liabilities.

Benefits of a pre-listing home inspection

A pre-listing home inspection is recommended to verify those house problems if it is an older place. Another benefit of a home inspection is to relieve the buyers’ worry and motivate them to buy.

Think through before putting money on home renovation

To be cautious about spending your hard-earned money on renovation, you might want to consider the following factors:

  • Is your home unacceptably outdated? 

  • What is the condition of the nearby comparable property?

  • The value of your property. The higher the value of the property, the higher chance your renovation cost would be recouped.

Partial renovation and improvement

Even if the investment appears inevitable, there are many ways to maximize your return.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • Shining and modern kitchen and bathrooms are easily getting into potential buyers’ eyes and hearts.
  • But, you may caution on an overhaul and upmarket since the styles are in constant change over years.
  • Different persons have their own tastes and have different functionality demands, which may discount the value and time you put into it.
  • Thus make sure it looks spotlessly clean. Cosmetic upgrades like updated taps, backsplashes, and caulking can pay off.
  • However, you probably may not be able to see a good ROI for a full rebuild with new counters, cabinets, and tubs.

New hardwood floors

Unless necessary, it is not an optimal choice to make an overall change. Try refinishing or cleaning it instead.

Curb appealing, Landscaping, Deck, 

Keep them in good shape, no need for a redesign with a lot of new plantings or special add-on to the existence. 

Areas to avoid

Things like a swimming pool, sunroom, bidet, home theatres, built-in bars, and an extended room or an additional story won’t pay off your new investment.

As a rule of thumb

  • Toronto home renovation is purely for business and doesn’t take it emotionally unless you would stay there for a while

  • Play it safe, the new upgrades appeal to the average buyer with no customization

  • The full value of investment might not be fully recouped

  • Don’t cut corners, the buyers may have wrong presumptions on the quality and value of the rest materials.