100% Commission Rebate/Cashback

How to maximize your savings?

I offer the same service, if not better than other realtors, by qualifying the property before showing you homes and making offers, based on the methodologies I’ve brought to this field after successfully doing business over the past 25 years. 

Savings are based on providing the services you really need and excluding things like legwork, such as delivering the deposit and changing the door locks after you’ve bought your new home.

By prequalifying homes that fit your specific needs, I help you keep laser-focused on the properties that are worth your time and money.

Take a look at the step-by-step illustration below which expresses my money-saving approach vs the conventional home-buying process.

 Full Commission Rebate

Traditional Buying Experience

Looking for a property 

- you search for properties online and we send you alerts regarding properties you would like to see

- we take you to see only properties that fall within your interests

- fee: $200 to show the first property, $100 per half hour for each additional showing during the same trip

- for greater savings, you can visit the open house by yourself.

Looking for a property

- you or the realtor search for a property online

- the realtor takes you to see a property and perhaps other properties in the area (which may or may not fit your requirements

- fee: included in the 2.5% commission

Making an offer

- draft the offer

- send the offer and negotiation 

- if the offer is accepted, you deliver the deposit directly to the listing brokerage 

- fee: $500 per property

(negotiation and counteroffer included)

Making an offer

- draft the offer

- send the offer and negotiation

- if the offer is accepted, the realtor may help deliver the deposit to the listing brokerage 

- fee: included in the 2.5% commission

Offer accepted by both sellers and buyers

- fee: $2500

Offer accepted by both sellers and buyers

 - fee: included in the 2.5% commission

Why do you need a partner to maximize your gain?

The house purchase or sale is a large stake to most families, and the associated $ amount in GTA can easily surpass the revenue of most small enterprises. 

Therefore, it makes more sense, that you, as a seller or buyer, actually hire a partner or professional manager to run the project for you instead of hiring a mediocre customer representative to provide the service such as showing and making an offer. 

The whole process of either home buying or home selling is a system, complex and intertwining. Thus it requires your partner to possess the business acumen, and the similar capacity to run a business, besides the realty knowledge.

Your partner also needs to have the capability to provide a thorough analysis and reasonable predictability,  he needs to help you manage the uncertainties, the changes, and the risks, and he needs to provide advice on your current and future planning and help you set up priority among many considerations.

To maximize your investment, he needs to formulate strategies and tactics before the negotiation and create and catch the opportunity once it arises. 

Obviously, you need to consider the integrity and cost of hiring your potential partner as well. The effective balancing among the 3 components ( your partner’s capability, integrity, and cost) is the key to making a successful deal beneficial to both parties.

Besides, I also have a plan similar to the conventional approach to maximize buyers' interest.

Let's chat about your requirements, how my philosophy and proposal help you gain the best return.

Terms and Condition

Upfront Fees


$200 to show the first property, $100 per half hour for each additional showing during the same trip.

For greater savings, you can visit the open house by yourself.

Making an offer:

$500 per property.

Draft the offer, negotiation, and counteroffer included 

If the offer is accepted by both sellers and buyers


HST is applied to all the fees above.


We rebate you all the commission paid by the seller (most commonly at 2.5% of the home purchase price in the current real estate market, the actual commission rate will be listed on MLS )

The cashback is net and is to be delivered within 20 business days after the successful closing of the home purchase transaction and commissions are received.

It is against RECO rules to be shown by other agents under agreements and then choose our service, which might cause legal consequences.

Is the Commission Rebate Gurantteed?

Yes, the commission rebate is to be documented and you can rest assured of receiving the agreed-upon amount.

How does it work?

The buying process can roughly be separated into 3 parts:

conducting a property search and viewing a property

making an offer


For more details about the process, you can check out the buying guide. For now, let’s look at the most important parts. The places where we can help you save time and money. 

Conducting a Property Search and Showing

When you buy a property, you know better than anyone what you want. The first step is outlining the features that you ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’ in order to identify which properties fit within your interests. You’ll also need to be financially ready to buy a home. That means to work with us, you should have already received pre-approval on a mortgage. From there, you’ll identify your budget.

With those conditions in mind, it’s time to look for some properties. We can send you alerts that match the conditions that you’ve set and when you see a property that you’d like to view, just send us a message!


Through the system, we will qualify the property to make sure that the conditions of the property in the listing match with the real situation. We will avoid showing the property with a price that appears to fit into your budget but the seller’s actual intention is way over your budget. We then make an appointment with you to view the property.

Making an Offer

When you’re ready to make an offer, it’s important to know how the listing price was set up and what a reasonable offer price range would look like for the property in that neighborhood. 

We believe the more you understand how to create an offer, the more money you can save and the better you will feel about the process of making an offer. To learn more about the math behind making an offer, please read how to estimate home market value or consult with us.

If the Offer is Accepted by Both Parties

If the offer is accepted by both sellers and buyers, we have a fixed cost. At this point of the buying process, you’ve already paid the variable fees and the rest of our fees go toward brokerage fees and overhead. Much of the overhead comes from the extra time we spend during the process of some of the variable fees. Usually, there is a negotiation process involved when making an offer. It’s hard to quantify how much time we will spend on each offer in the process of having an offer accepted. The added effort and time are a part of the fixed closing costs. This is true of the other variable fees. We want to make sure that you get the best service possible and therefore have a little buffer within the closing fixed fee so that we’re adequately compensated for superior service to you.

Before Closing

Home Inspection

A realtor is not a home inspector. The home inspection is very important. This is especially true of older properties. There are ways that realtors can help you cut corners in the home inspection process that might help you save a few hundred dollars and show you that they care about you. We do not follow this line of reasoning. We’re focused on helping you save money in ways that really matter. And a home inspection really matters. It’s particularly important to get the home inspection in writing. You need to know from a qualified professional the condition of the home.

When you sign a contract with the home inspector, there are also a lot of clauses that protect the home inspector. You can’t assume that the home inspector is going to find every problem with the home. They follow a preset guide to give you the home inspection. In some cases, a realtor might try to convince you that a written inspection is not needed but in our experience, we find that when a written inspection is requested the home inspector has more incentive to check things they might not otherwise check and also look a little deeper regarding the items on the list. At the end of the day, the opinion is written down on a legal document. 

Pre-closing visit

After the seller accepts the offer, traditional realtors will take you to see the property in a pre-closing visit. The second visit is generally a few days before the closing. We’re happy to take you to the property for both of these visits, but we believe that in many cases one pre-closing visit is enough.


The realtor doesn’t actually have any responsibility during this step of the process. There is no reason for the realtor to get involved. Of course, if a realtor is being paid 2.5% of the final price of the home, they would probably offer to hold your hand during the closing process. That’s a huge amount of money to pay if you only want someone to hold your hand.

Why you would like us to be your realtor?

Time - we’ve streamlined the process and helped you understand the key points of the buying process so that we’re on the same pages

Cost - you are only paying for the services that you need and we have no incentive to provide redundant services 

Efficiency - our model helps you to save time and money, and help us to make money by cutting costs and time. The whole concept is based on how we have better communication, align both of our interests, avoid time waste and unnecessary activities. 

Transparency - you know what you’re paying for and you understand the importance and process of each step 

Fairness - we charge by the service you need and you pay for the service that you require 

Trust - we provide a trust-based system, not a relationship where you have to hope and pray you’re getting the best service 

Less Worry - we give you back the power in the buying process and we’re not motivated to hide information or push you to visit more homes and make more offers than necessary 

Why are we so confident that you’ll want to work with us?

In the traditional buying process, the realtor provides a lot of services that you might not need, or you can do it easily, or worse yet, they’re only doing it to show you that they’re doing something to justify the high commission. The way we can help you get a 100% commission rebate (2.5% cashback) is quite simple.

100% commission rebate (2.5% cashback) is based on charging you only for the services that you need. We have some variable fees that are charged as you use our service and there is a fixed fee when we close on a deal. When you add up the fees, you’ll see that you can save a lot more money working with us. Compare the two scenarios below.

Who’s really paying the realtor’s commission? Does the seller just add it to the final property price?

Most people who experience the buying process, think that the commission is paid by the seller side, commonly at 2.5% of the home purchase price. They don’t really stop to think that the commission is just lumped into the total sale price of the property. Is it possible that the seller is simply paying this commission with no thought of where the money will be coming from to pay it?

In reality, you, the buyer, will be paying a portion of this commission within the property price. Then, after the sale is closed, both the realtor on the seller’s side and our commission on the buyer's side will be released. And this is where our model is different from the traditional realtor system. Using our pay-as-you-go model, we will return that commission to you. That means that we will return the 2.5% commission to you and the total price that you pay for our services will be the same as we’ve indicated in the above table. For more information about the commission cashback, click this link.

Most people think that there is only one way to buy a property and only one kind of realtor. They have a friend, a family friend or there is someone at church that is a realtor. The expectation is that they will be paid 2.5% of the home price from the seller to help you to buy it. This is an old model and even though you would like to keep your hard-earned money within your community, we think it’s time that you had more bargaining power to reduce the amount of commission that you’re paying when you buy a home. We’d invite you to take a little time to really understand the huge savings you can get with our 2.5% cashback offer.

You might be wondering if a lower-cost model means that you will be getting fewer services or if the process will limit the properties that will be available for you to buy. To help you understand the services that you will get with our brokerage, please read the following section where we will break down the buying process and help you understand each step of the buying process. If you’re not convinced that you will receive the same services paying less, of course, you’re welcome to pay the traditional 2.5% and we can provide for you the same services. 

By working with our cashback system, we focus on efficiency. We want to show you homes that you’re interested in. We don’t want to spend time showing you homes that you are less likely to make offers on. This system causes both you and me to focus on properties that you’re invested in. That means when you’re ready to see a few homes, we’re on the same page regarding how the property fits within your interests. 

The last point is that when you finally make the purchase decision, we are going to support you without considering the final price of the home. That means that we have no incentive to convince you to buy a high ticket property. We only want to help you find that perfect property that fits within your budget. 

Your goal of saving time and money is seamlessly aligned with our goal of saving time and increasing profit by the design of this model.