How to Buy Houses Fast

How to buy houses fast

Do your own homework

  1. Find a comparable, or nearby property sold with similar features to come up with an estimated home value. It is one of the crucial pieces of information to determine the success of home hunting and consequently to help you buy a house fast and effectively

  2. Read the purchase contract in advance, understand the implication of the main terms to avoid the hassle when you are making an offer.

  3. Before you make an offer, please review the importance and risks of removing the conditions. Common conditions include home inspection, financial condition, review of status certificate, and others. In the seller’s market, you might have no choice but to remove the conditions. Thinking it through before a rush offer.

  4. Understand the main terms of the agency contact, understand the obligation and rights of the buyer and agent respectively.

  5. Categorize your demand into must-have or nicer to have, which could help you out of the decision dilemma more easily. 

Buy what you like

 (If the budget is constrained, prioritize the features that must have).

  • It is you who would spend a large portion of time in the property, the likeness and enjoyment after purchase is also an intangible value investment that should be counted on. 
  • The approachable properties vary usually. If you find the perfect one, a minor premium on price after serious negotiation may be worthwhile, at your affordability. 
  • What is more, that minor price increase would be diluted significantly over the long-term property value fluctuation.

Don’t break your bottom line, be prepared to walk away.

Unless necessary, it is not encouraged to break your bottom number, during the negotiation and multiple rounds of offers. It is not uncommon to ease up rationality during intensive negotiations. Keeping the number in mind can be of large help.