Tips for home staging: Maximize Your Return

tips for home staging

Benefits of Home Staging in Toronto

Home staging is used to appeal to the widest possible potential home buyers. Home staging helps attract more showings, motivates the prospects to offer, shortens the time of home on the market.

How much does it cost to stage a house?

The cost of Home Staging in Toronto varies from $3000~ to $4000 for an average home. When you are in contract with professional stagers in Toronto, be sure to know clearly the terms of the agreement such as initial fee, timing, furniture rentals

Do it yourself or Hire home staging services

It varies and depends on the situations and the home staging companies you choose. For example, the value of the house, whether it is empty if it is a newer property, etc.

Home staging checklist


Every part of the room needs to be clean with shining and spotless kitchen and bathroom

Decluttering and organizing

Box up and store the items in irregular use, keep the room spacious. If you have more furniture, have the least amount of furniture possible in your home to make the space look bigger.


If applicable, don’t leave anything personal to distract potential buyers.

Keeping fresh

Bad smell pushes the clients out. There are multiple ways inexpensive and effective like deodorizer, herbs flowers, candles, etc. 


Painting is one of the few items that have a higher ROI. Try the neutral color rather than your personal preference.


Keep the size of furniture fit your room size, group the furniture that makes the room feel spacious and easier to navigate. 


Keep each room suitable for its own purpose, keep it decluttered and spacious.


Maximize the home’s natural light, keep all the lights on, make your home brighter and more inviting.

Curb Appeal

The exterior and the entryway is the buyer's first impression. Make it neat, tidy, clear, and clean.