Housing Costs in Canada: A Complete List

Housing Costs Canada

How much does housing cost in Canada

  • Housing costs in Canada are not cheap. After paying a hefty amount of money, you move into your new home. There are more ongoing costs beyond the mortgage, and condo fees if your property is a condo. 
  • Monthly house costs include Property Tax, heating bill, gas bill, cost of water, home insurance, Home Maintenance, etc. Let’s take an example in Toronto, Ontario

Property Tax

  • Property Tax in Ontario pays for services like public education, firefighting, local police, libraries. It varies vastly in situations. 
  • Take an example of an average home in Richmond Hill, the property tax is roughly $5000. 
  • Property tax is calculated based on the municipal tax rates, education rate, and property value. Tax rates vary with municipalities. 
  • Generally, the higher your home value (property value for tax is usually lower than current market value), the higher your property tax. 

What are utilities in a house and the utility cost

  • The essential utility home buyers pay for includes water, electricity, and gas. Additional utilities may include cable, Internet access, and telephone services.
  • The average cost for electricity per month varies with the size of the home and usage. Take an example, the cost of living in Toronto for a family of 4 on average could range from $250 to $400 per month. 

More specifically

  • Average Ontario electricity bill: $70~$100 per month. Hydro rate varies with providers.
  • Average cost of water per month: $70~$100. The water bill comes by quarter.
  • Average gas price per month: $100~$200, assuming the gas bill is the main cost of heating
  • Condo owners may pay less if some of the utilities are included in the monthly maintenance fee. 
  • Internet Access, Cable, Telephone: depends on the plan you choose, you would budget over $100 per month

Home Maintenance Cost

It varies largely from everything down to cleaning the furnace up to roof change. It comes in large sums rather than by month. 

  • Regular roof lasts around 15 years, and you may encounter repairs in the interim. The replacement cost ranges from $3500~ to $7000 depending on the size and material you choose.
  • HVAC units may go wrong more often than the roof. Replacement cost ranges from $3000~5000.
  • The cost of home appliances, furniture, normal wear, and tear varies on the person.
  • If you are not a DIYer, you might want to add additional costs like $50/Month on the yard work and snow removal. 
In sum, within a longer cycle, your monthly budget put aside would be around $750 for an average house.

Home Insurance

The home insurance premium differs by location and coverage, with an average monthly cost of about $120.

In conclusion

Homeowner costs are not cheap, and can easily reach over $10K per year on average. If you are planning to buy a home, why not try to save the first-year cost by choosing the best cash back realtor package during the home purchase.