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In my past 20 years of business experience in MNCs in Silicon Valley and startup companies, I’ve developed strong business acumen, gained a rich negotiation skill set, and the capacity to handle complicated issues and projects. I am good at methodology, detail-oriented, and process-focused, coupled with creativity in problem-solving and resource collaboration, which are instrumental in helping you to achieve the highest possibility of maximizing your interest.

Further to our encounter on the website, you are encouraged to meet me in person to understand my philosophy and discuss about the proposal I come up with to help you gain the best return. A short 30 minutes meeting may be an effective investment for you to start up with a different experience in realty transactions or some other unexpected gains and pleasure.

Let's get connected to explore a new journey of home buying and selling.



When you sell  or buy a large stake like a home, you need a partner, or a professional manager to serve you instead of a mediocre customer service rep.

Your partner needs to be not only a realty specialist but also capable of seeing the whole picture, helping you manage and prioritize the many other considerations. He needs to have a strong negotiation skillset to close the right deal for you and sound business acumen that you can count on to make a sound judgment.

Integrity, capacity, and cost are your most concerns to select that appropriate realtor, Let's meet and explore how my philosophy and method will balance these 3 components to maximize your return.

Ala Carte

For DIY home buyers, you can save the most when choosing the ala carte service with a 100% commission rebate from the seller (commonly 2.5% of the home price). You are only charged for the services which you really need.

For DIY home sellers, you have the options to choose from the specific services you need. Why pay more if you are comfortable with handling most of the activities?

Let's meet and talk how I can save you the most and whether there is a better solution to you.






如果您是DIY买家,您可以选用全返佣方式(房价的2.5%由卖家提供)以获得最大的节省。您仅需要支付你必须使用的服务。比如看完open house,仅是通过我下offer。



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