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In the past, I’ve developed strong business acumen, a rich negotiation skillset, and the capacity to handle complicated issues and projects. I am good at methodology, detail-oriented, and process-focused, coupled with creativity in problem-solving and resource collaboration, which are instrumental in helping you to achieve the possibly best deal.

Further to our encounter on the website, you are encouraged for a discussion about your requirements, and how my philosophy and proposal help you gain the best return. 

多年的商业经历使我具备处理复杂业务的能力和丰富的谈判技巧。我注重方法,流程和细节的把握,善于创造性的解决问题和调动资源来帮助您尽大可能得实现利益最大化。 或许我们之间一次简短的沟通会给你带来意想不到的收获。

Realtor selection

When you sell  or buy a large stake like a home, you would like to have a role of partner, or a professional manager to serve you instead of a mediocre customer service rep.

Your partner needs to be not only a realty specialist but also capable of seeing the whole picture, helping you manage and prioritize the many other considerations. He needs to have a strong negotiation skillset to close the best deal for you and sound business acumen that you can count on to make a sound judgment.

Integrity, capacity, and cost are the concerns to select the right realtor, Let's explore how my philosophy and method will balance these 3 components to maximize your return.


As a home buyer, you can save the most when choosing the ala carte service with a 100% commission rebate from the seller (commonly 2.5% of the home price). You are only charged for the services which you really need. I also have a plan, similar to the traditional method, but may offer you better value.

For home sellers, you have the option to choose from the specific services you need. 

Let's talk about which solution suits you best. 









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