Common Material Facts List

Common Material Facts

Material facts can be defined as the factors that may lead the home buyers to reconsider or walk away. 

As a home buyer, you might want to have a review of the common material fact list:

  • Property conditions: Home age; roof leaks and sags; foundation damage; mechanical issues, electrical problem, plumbing problem; basement leak; mold; insect infestation.
  • Knob-and-tube; aluminum wiring or Kitec plumbing
  • Environmental hazard or health-related: asbestos; UFFI; radon; vermiculite; lead or galvanized plumbing; underground storage tanks
  • Discrepancies in measurements listed in listings vs measurement results of lot size, square foot, room size, etc 
  • Current or previous illegal use: grow-op, meth lab
  • Zoning bylaws: fence height, high deck, etc
  • HST, property taxes
  • Easements or restrictive covenants if any
  • Changes without building permit: rental basement etc
  • Airport or railway impact
  • Potential impact on the coming new development
  • Poor insulation
  • Close to schools, churches, or other locations of interest
  • Stigma (e.g. unnatural death)
  • Heritage property