Real Estate Forms For Buyer

Real estate forms for homebuyer

The mainly used agreements for the homebuyer in real estate are listed below. You can refer to each individual link for the specific contract. You can also review the more comprehensive agreements in Orea Forms.

FORM810 working with a realtor

An acknowledgement that the buyer has been explained the relationship between agency and the buyer, client vs customer, multiple representation  

FORM300 Buyer Representation Agreement

  • Not mandatory but required by most brokerage
  • Covers buyer commission obligation, holdover period, indemnification, etc
  • Specify the property address and short period of validity could be an apt solution

 FORM100 Agreement of Purchase and Sale

  • Read through the various clauses and conditions in advance
  • ensure that you understand well before signing
  • Main subjects include conditions, deposit, title search, chattel and fixture, etc.

FORM320 Confirmation of Cooperation and representation

  • Between the seller’s brokerage and buyer’s brokerage
  • What and how the commission is paid

FORM801 Offer Summary Document

 used as ease on the paperwork that agents need to file.


  • FORM120 amendment to agreement of purchase and sale when any change occurs after the agreement was signed by both parties.
  • FORM124 Notice of Fulfillment of Condition or FORM123 Waiver can be used to notify the seller the conditions are fulfilled or waived.