Working with a Realtor FORM 810

Working with a Realtor: OREA Form 810 Fully Explained

What is OREA Form 810?

It is an acknowledgment that the home buyer or seller has to sign to indicate that the salesperson has explained the following:

The relationship between the real estate agency and the buyer or seller in Ontario.

The definition of the client and customer. The different services and loyalties that the real estate agent provides to clients or customers.

The meaning of multiple representation and its impacts on the buyer or seller if it occurs.

The critical information.

This form needs to be signed and can be signed together with the other forms before making an offer on a house.

Brokerage and the buyer or seller

The buyer representation agreement or customer service agreement is the relationship between the buyer or seller and the realty brokerage.

The salesperson, sales representative, realtor, and broker are all the designations of the individual who is representing and working on behalf of the brokerage with the buyer or seller, though most of those people mentioned above are self-employed. 

Client vs customer

  • In real estate, the client and the customer are defined differently and treated differently by the realtors. In a nutshell, the client gets the full services while the customer gets limited services.
  • For example, the customer is not represented by the brokerage. The agent provides limited services to the customer and has less obligation and duty to the customer, such as not working in the customer's best interests, not providing advice, and not having confidentiality obligations, etc, as compared to the services provided to the client.
  • The client is represented by the brokerage. The realtor provides fiduciary loyalty to the client and protects the client’s best interest.
  • But as a general rule, the agent needs to act in a professional and ethical manner in both cases. 

Multiple Representation

It happens when 2 or more clients are involved in the same deal with the same brokerage.

Under this situation, the existence of multiple representation needs to be disclosed to all the clients.

Multiple Representation has a large impact on both the seller and the buyer. Particularly the buyer can easily be positioned at a disadvantage. You could learn more here if interested. 

When Multiple Representation exists, before an offer can be placed, the brokerage needs to receive written consent from all the clients.

Critical information

Realtors are required to disclose all information that impacts your purchase or selling decision.

Is it safe to sign?

Form 810 itself is quite straightforward and is mainly a general explanation of realty transactions. There is no obligation in the form to either buyers or sellers and it is safe to sign. However, form 810 is usually required to be signed together with other forms such as the buyer representation agreement or listing agreement. Those additional forms outline the obligations of the buyers or sellers, and it establishes the legal obligations. 

The safest and most viable method for buyers

To protect your interest,  you can sign those forms at the very last moment when you send an offer. When you sign the agreement, you can limit the contract time of the buyer agency agreement, say a week, and specify the property on which you will be making an offer. Therefore your obligation is limited to the service provided by the realtor on this property. However, some realtors may not accept this practice.

In, we do not require the clients to sign a comprehensive buyer agency agreement. Our agreement is tailored to a specific property within a week, which gives you the flexibility to choose the representation for other properties if you so desire. Coupled with our significant saving plans, you can rest assured of the service quality and more savings. Let’s get connected to explore a new way to buy a home.

What do you need to consider when choosing a realtor?

The house purchase or sale is a large stake to most families, and the associate $ amount in GTA can easily surpass the revenue of most small enterprises. 

Therefore, it makes more sense, that you, as a seller or buyer, actually hire a partner or professional manager to run the project for you instead of hiring a mediocre customer representative to provide the service such as showing and making an offer. 

The whole process of either home buying or home selling is a system, complex and intertwining. Thus it requires your partner to possess the business acumen, and the similar capacity to run a business, besides the realty knowledge.

Your partner also needs to have the capability to provide a thorough analysis and reasonable predictability,  he needs to help you manage the uncertainties, the changes, and the risks, and he needs to provide advice on your current and future planning and help you set up priority among many considerations.

To maximize your investment, he needs to formulate strategies and tactics before the negotiation and create and catch the opportunity once it arises. 

Obviously, you need to consider the integrity and cost of hiring your potential partner as well. The effective balancing among the 3 components ( your partner’s capability, integrity, and cost) is the key to making a successful deal beneficial to both parties.

An easy call at 647-914-7337 to set up an appointment with me at my brokerage office in Markham. Let’s exchange your opinion, views, and my philosophy on how to run the project as your trusted partner and how I can maximize your interest and relieve your worries.


María on Sep 11, 2021 11:06 PM posted:
Good evening, Is this form, Working with a Realtor, signed prior to signing a BRA? Is it signed at the time of an Offer. Is the Working with a Realtor form signed on a completely separate day? Thank you. María

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